Backup program disappears from desktop when updated

This was really annoying. I think I fixed it but I want to complain. I connected the drive and managed to click the right things to install everything, then I started backing up my computer. After the backup I was told to check for updates to the backup program and there was an update, leaving me to wonder if there’s a problem with the backup I just made. After installing the update the desktop icon for the backup program (WDSmartWare) diappeared. I only had icons for WD Drive Utilities and WD Security. I rebooted but still no icon. I couldn’t find where my backup was stored and none of the WD Drive Utilities helped. I went back to the update website and updated again. No option to add a desktop icon and no icon appeared after the update. Luckily I knew enough to look in the Program Files folder and I found the program from a long list of files and I made the desktop shortcut. I wonder if I’ll have to manually add the desktop icon again after every update.

Hi Bohan, the shortcut icon should appear when Smartware is installed the first time, but as you can see it is easy to create another shortcut.