Backup over Internet with (Memeo) WD Anywhere Backup on WDC My Book World Edition?

I’m curious about the (Memeo) WD Anywhere Backup software that is included with the WDC My Book World Edition.

I would like to have continuous automatic backup from my own PC laptop when I’m at home where the WDC network drive is, but I would also like to have automatic backup to the same network drive from my mother’s PC and my sister’s Mac. These computers are on other locations, and I’d also like my own backup to work when I’m not at home.

Can this be done easily, in a way that is “safe enough”?



Unfortunately the WDAB does not work remotely.  

I haven’t try that in the past so don’t know about an utility to do that.

In theory, that could be done remotely if all computers are on the same network, means either remotely connected through Mionet or remotely connected through a VPN. Don’t use port forwarding to get the same results: it’s not safe.

Once connected on the same domain/workgroup through said secured connections, computers should act as if there were physically connected. Therefore, WD Anywhere Backup should work as if you were doing it at home.

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Thanks for the advice, GillesB. :smiley: I was almost expecting VPN to be a working solution (but I’ve seen other services that just refuse to talk to logical drives that are too remote for their taste, so I’d better ask).

After a quick view on their website, Mionet doesn’t seem to work on Mac.

Can anybody confirm having WD Anywhere Backup working remotely over VPN?

Can anybody confirm that WD Anywhere Backup works remotely over VPN?