Backup options wd to windows share

I want to send a back up of the mycloud to a windows share nightly. " WD 8TB Mirror raid 0 > 8TB network share on windows 10. " what are my options? I have seen mention of a bat file and it looks like it supports rsync. obviously a differential would be the only option. any and all info i can get would be great


Hi there,

I have not tried this, however lets see if another user can share some information or tips on what software you could use in order to make the backups

i just came from the 4tb wd cloud with safepoints and never had a problem doing this. I was surprised to see safe points were not an option with the 8tb mirror version. I like that the 8tb mirror gives you more options for back ups but dropping safepoints seemed odd.
Ill start researching it some and see what my options are. Maybe someone here has some ideas

I decided to copy the entire wdmirror over to my windows share and use WD sync to keep a back up. kinda arse backwards but as long as i drop files into the windows share instead of the WDmirror i should always have a backup.

seems very odd that the wdmirror is made to share and stream on the network and they didnt really provide an easy way to keep a backup of it on a win share.