Backup only C: drive?

WD Smartware (latest version only recognises the C: drive on my PC. I want also WD Smartware to backup files on other drives (network drives). How to do this?

Thats correct the WD Smartware only backs up the C: It will not back up network drives. Cna you state the model number on your hard drive? Because I believe with the MY Book Live you have other options of back up with the smartware.

I am using a My Pasport Essential 500 GB (WDBACY5000ASL). Also got a reply from WD Customer Support that only internal drives are supported. So, I need to find another (software) solution.

Thanx for the support!

You do not need any software to back up with this drive, Click here to view how to use the drive without the software. If you absolutely want to use a software you can try any other back up utility, please view the search result for free back up software here

Of course I know how to copy files to an external drive, this is not the first external external drive I’m using :wink:

WD Smartware appears to be rather limited in its functionality, although the way it works in the background is very good!

No problems, and you are actually right the WD Smartware only back up the local drives in the computer. You could manually do this or use a third party back up software.

You can use windows backup or any other back up software to back up the computer the hard drive will support any other software.