Backup of PR4100 prior to upgrade

We need to upgrade a 2x4GB RAID1 config to 4x4GB RAID5, which I know can be done in-place.
My boss wants me to backup the data to an external WD 8GB drive prior to the conversion & upgrade.
Which would be faster:

  1. Connect the external drive via USB directly to the PR4100, or
  2. Connect the external drive via USB to a 1GB Ethernet connected Z4 Workstation
    to copy the files from the old drives.

Robert H
Winnipeg, MB

To the rest of you who were asking the same question:

I find it interesting that WD Support did respond to this enquiry, to tell me to contact WD Support, but that they chose not answer this question directly, when according to the WD Support Tech I talked to, it is straight forward.

To backup the PR4100, use an appropriately sized external USB drive connected to the PR4100’s rear USB port and use USB Backup. This should be the fastest backup method.

But the other method works as well, just not as fast.

But Thank You for responding @Logan.S ! I appreciate your timely response.