Backup of Dropbox using "SmartWare" creates many duplicate files

I am Using SmartWare on my WDMYCLOUDMIRROR, running the latest versions on both MYCLOUD and Smartware.

I have setup a DROPBOX->CLOUD backup.

When I browse to the networked backup area, I notice that there are 5 versions of every single file.

The original file name is there, and then there is the  the same file duplicated as filename@extraLetters.ext.

It has exactly the same date and size. 

This is eating up my disk space and I don’t understand why it is there.


There is an option in WD Smartware for the amount of copies you want to make of each file. Got to WD Smartware and go to setting and change this to 1 if you don’t want additional copies.

I assume you are refering to the “Set File History” which defaults to “5” which sets the number of “backup” versions.

This is ONLY happening for my “dropbox” backups and not for anything else.

I like having 5 “backup versions” when it “changes”.

But if you look at the picture, it is 5 EXACTLY THE SAME VERSIONS of each file and only in the dropbox folder.

Do you know what the @xxxxx that is appened to the name means, perhaps this would give me a clue as to why this is only happening on the drop box settings.

I have since disabled the “dropbox” backup and downloaded the “dropbox” add-in and it seems to work better so far.