Backup my data to Zyxel NAS540

Hi guys,

this is my first post in this community.
I recently bought a NAS (Zyxel NAS540) to replace my WD my Cloud 4TB in order to expand my storage.
Now i want to backup all my data from the my Cloud to the Zyxel. I don’t want to copy all of my date (movies, pictures, music) via my mac book because it is way too slow.
Do you have any advice how to speed up the process ?
I even tried to use rsync which is too slow, too (1 Mb/s)

Thanks a lot !!


When using rsync did you use the “-z” flag to enable compression? That might help speed things up a bit. For example: rsync -azP

Obviously ensure all your equipment, especially the router / gateway / hub /switch that both NAS’s are connected to are running at 1GB and not 100MB network speeds.

Thanks for your quick response!

I tried -rltvz . The speed was about 1 Mb/s. Both NAS are connected to the same modem (CBN CH6640E) which is running at 1 GB.

Something wrong somewhere if you’re only getting one megabit per second. Or even one megabyte. You need to find out where the bottleneck is.

Is everything wired?
Have both NAS established gigabit links to your router? Check connector status LEDs or router control panel.
What transfer rates do you get between PC and each NAS?

You will need to spend some time trying to figure out where the bottle neck is. Try new cables, check the network port LED lights to ensure the network link is actually 1GB and not 100MB. Reboot the router/gateway the My Cloud and the Zyxel. Try copying from another device to both units to test copy speed. Check the Zyxel to see if there are any add-on modules running (like anti-virus) that might impact speed. If there are add on modules active, disable them and try again.

Thanks for all your help!
It could not figure out where or what exactly the problem ist.
Rsync is stil slow as hell (1 Mb/s) but i finally transferred all my data by FTP and i got round 30 Mbit/s.

Now all my data is copied. Thanks for you help !

Encryption might be an issue but also, did you try without compression? I do not use it.

Check this link:

But if I would test it as well, by having both devices connected to a switch instead of the modem, in case you have one around, even if it is only 100mb.