Backup My Cloud to a hard disk connected in the same internal network


I have an external usb disk connected to my router. I want to backup some shares of my cloud to this disk. Is this possible?


What type of computer are you using? Have you tried drag and drop from the My Cloud to the external usb disk?

Look at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud.

Hello I meant scheduled backup, not copy pasting files.

What backup app are you going to use? Does the usb disk show in your network?

I was asking if this could be done through the backup section of the My Cloud. I can schedule a backup to a usb attached to My Cloud but I cannot choose the network disk as a destination folder.

Do I need a third party backup app, to backup the My Cloud over the network?

The network disk is shown in the network.

I have a first generation My Cloud and I use SmartWare for my backups. So far when I wanted to back up to a usb device it has been connected to my computer so I have never tried having one connected to my router, although it does have a usb connection for that use. When moving files from my My Cloud to a usb device I have always used drag and drop.

I will have to try the usb connection on my router and see what happens.

Both my computers, Desktop and Laptop, have Windows 10.

I just played around with the usb connection on my Linksys WRT3200ACM. I was using a memory stick with music on it. It only showed up under my router in my Network and I had to drag and drop files to it. It can be set up to scan for DLNA content at set times but since that is done through My Cloud I see no need to do it a second time.

You think I could set up up a backup job with destination the usb disk on the network?

If the router has SSH/telnet access (Some will enable telnet after getting a magic packet, or magic url), and has rsync baked in, rsync is the most efficient way.

What router is this?

Possibly. Access the My Cloud Dashboard and see if Safepoint (first gen My Cloud) or Backup (second gen My Cloud) will backup to a LAN location.

For example the first gen single bay My Cloud running firmware v4.x has an option to create a Safepoint backup to a local network location. One would need to configure that network location for local network access. For a USB drive attached to a router, one would need to access that router’s administration page and enable local network access to that USB drive.


Some routers support launching a shell script, right from their web interface. (not just ddwrt either) If the mycloud is configured for SSH, rsync over ssh can happen, initiated by the router.

Even if the router does not support this directly from the web interface, a job can be controlled on a computer to send an RSH command to the router to initiate the rsync with the Mycloud, assuming the router has a hidden telnet or ssh daemon that can be enabled.

(Or, from the mycloud to the router, if the router has rsync present. I just tested, and the mycloud (gen2) accepts rsh commands. I just looked in my century link supplied router, and it has options to turn on ssh. While the default shell is useless, you can start a busybox shell with sh over it. The baked in busybox has wget. It has a writable jffs2 partition that an rsync binary could be pushed to for permanent facility. A little script fu could get this all working just fine. The details of which would be specific to the router in question though-- Just that I could totally do this with mine. Mine is an ActionTec C1000A (From CenturyLink), which is a broadcom4350 based SoC, meaning it is 32bit MIPS. The default environment is very spartan, but has a 4mb writable /data volume, in addition to the USB port. ( / is also jffs2, just mounted ro. I bet I could remount it rw… tested-- YES. It has 10mb free.) I could easily grab a MIPS binary for rsync, and put it there, then reliably call it over rsh.)

This is the most efficient way to perform the task, since it does wire compression, and native unix file permissions.

[quote=“Wierd_w, post:11, topic:217848, full:true”]
Some routers support launching a shell script, right from their web interface.[/quote]
Yes some do. Some don’t depends on the ISP and the router they provide if not using a third party router. For example while your ISP provided router may provide SSH through the router administration interface, my Frontier router (Arris) does not. Nor does the Verizon router a family member uses with their My Cloud.

Yes Rsync is generally the better way to go since it offers more configurability. But not everyone wants (or knows how) to use Rsync and possibly CRON to backup their My Cloud to another local network device. Currently it may be possible to simply use the My Cloud Dashboard interface to backup using either Safepoint (v4.x single bay My Cloud) or Backup (v2.x single bay My Cloud) to a local networked USB drive or other NAS drive. While not ideal it is usually an easier way for those who don’t know Linux commands or want to use SSH.

This may be a dumb question but. Why does the external disk have to be connected to the router? Why not connect it to the My cloud?

Well I would prefer to do it through the dashboard or another backup software if possible. Thank you all very much for your time and answers, I appreciate it a lot.

When the disk is connected to My Cloud, the system is so slow, it is almost unresponsive. I am trying another disk now to check if it was a disk problem or a My Cloud problem. Memory and CPU usage is almost 99% when the usb disk is attached.