Backup My Cloud EX4100 to USB fail

First, sorry for my English.

I am doing or trying to do an backup to an USB drive. The backup start good, bat suddenly blocked. I’ve tried to cancel, but the EX4100 not respond, I need to restart to stop de failed backup.

I found out the problem (I suppose), the backup fail when the route of some file is too long (somebody create an folder into an folder into an folder… and their names are too long also.

How can I solve this problem?


Have you been able to confirm the issue relates to path length? if so, then it would be best to shorten the path when possible.

I think so, because I tried to short some path, and then the backup continued until the next large path, but we have a lot of files and directories with this problem.

it is almost impossible to fix it manually.

Finally the problem isn’t the large path. The problem was some archives name content de % character.