Backup is a mess

I have a WD USB3 1T External H.D. that I use as a backup. I don’t know if I should use the software that came with it or use (Acronis True Image Home 2010) My Data Drive is D:\ and my backup is E:\ When I change things in my Data Drive it backs it up but after a while I end up with 50 gigs of change and redundant data and it looks like a mess. It sounds to me that a mirror drive might be a lot better than a backup? Then when I want to delete some of the data on my Backup it won’t let me and tells me that it isn’t there. I always backup up manually which always works and now when I am using a backup all I have is a mess. Also it won’t even backup all the data, such as what came with the Hard Drive and when it backs up the data it leaves 10 files out. I don’t think I will be using this software that came with the drive unless I’m really doing something wrong.

Since you have the Acronis I would use that. I think you only need to install the software if you want to use a password.