Backup from Mycloud to USB


I’ve tried searching the forums but can’t find an answer to this question.

Is it not possible to run a selective (folder/file) backup from Mycloud to a connected USB drive? It appears to be possible on the mirror and EX2 from what i can see on youtube videos. The safepoint tab on the UI in mycloud is a backup tab on EX2 UI and allows selective backups. 

Is there some hardware reason why this is not possible ont he mycloud? Has nayone tried installign the EX2/Mirror formware on a mycloud?

I don’t want a catastrophic data loss, but don’t really want to use safepoint as i understand it’s unreliable, create sa single file/image and will take a lot of storage. At the moment it looks like my best solution is to move all my data back on to my Mac and configure time machine to back it up on to the mycloud - not what i had in mind when i bought the mycloud.



My backup process is to connect a USB drive to my PC, and run a simple xcopy-based script to copy the data I want from the MyCloud to the USB disk.

I’m sure there are backup programs that will make this a bit more user friendly for you; WD’s SmartWare, perhaps (I don’t use it). Commercially, there are things like BeyondCompare.

Essentially, the MyCloud is just s disk connected to your Mac, so you should be able to run any backup program you can find, and tell it to backup data from one disk (the MyCloud) to another (the USB disk), configured however you like. I’m assuming your Mac still has a USB port; I know the Ghost of Steve Jobs thinks USB ports are no longer necessary on computers…

[edit] as if by magic, this old thread just re-appeared…

Let me join into this conversation since I bought my 4TB Cloud with matching 4TB My Book for exactly the same reason. I tried out safepoint when I first bought the two drives (max speed was 10MB/s) and I don’t like the fact that you have to restore in order to get back your files. As noted by the post next to this one is the topic “Safepoint error 36123” and that is enough to send shivers down your backup.

I do use “Beyond Compare” on both my PC and my Mac to compare the changes that I have made, added and deleted, on my main drive “My Cloud” to my identical backup USB “My Book” drive. I do this once a week or more; whenever I am not lazy. 

This way I know that if “My Cloud” drops dead suddenly, I can detach my USB drive and use it immediately, while “My Cloud” is being exchanged by WD.

Also do check the alternative that nicktee55 provides using the rsync. That was what I was going to use when I first set up my two devices. Preliminary test showed a max speed of 40MB/s when files were copied from the Cloud directly to the connected USB My Book, which is good enough for a mirror type copy.

You always “MUST HAVE” a backup no matter what, otherwise you will end up as one of the other users of this forum.

I’ll echo Ralphael’s comments, have a look at my solution below, it can be easily adapted to suit your needs. It’s worked reliably for me for over three months now, and given me a smooth recovery from a disaster too.

Backup to USB without Safepoint