Can I use Safepoint that was created with MyCloud to set up a MyCloud Mirror or EX2?


I’m really impressed with the MyCloud 2TB I purchased a couple weeks ago. Had not thought about purchasing one until I seen them in a sale ad at a local store. The MyCloud 2TB was not much more then a 2TB USB external HD and when I seen it supported timemachine I thought why not give it a try.

Beening using it daily and playing aroud with it and the iphone apps for it (My Cloud & WD Photos) a lot and everything just works great!

After spending sometime reading about the other WD Cloud products I kind of wish I would have went with a Mirror or EX2.

Was wondering if I would purchase a Mirror or EX2 if I could use the Safepoint I created with MyCloud 2TB to set it up or don’t it work like that?


The Mirror and EX2 are set up differently, so the system configuration information you have in the Safepoint won’t be very useful. Also the Mirror and EX2 don’t use Safepoint for backup.

Since Safepoint stores the files flat, you will be able to copy the files back from your Safepoint storage to your newly setup EX2/Mirror, but you will have to set up the shares and users manually afresh.

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