Backup External To External

I was using a WD 2TB hard drive as a backup. I have now purchased a WD 4TB hard drive which I have named “Backup” and have renamed the original drive as “Music”.
When I run WD SmartWare I now get my ‘Desktop - Music - Backup’ icons - I can backup from Desktop to Backup and from Desktop to Music but I cannot backup from Music to Backup.
How can I backup from Music to Backup or should I just return the new drive?

I need to be able to Backup in the original format and found Smartware to excellent for this.

It’s wont work, if both hard drives are compatible with smartware, you wont be able to backup from one to the other. You can copy the files from one to the other manually by using copy/paste. 

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Thanks Alucardx23

How come my other external hard drive (1TB split into Video and Pictures) IS available and treated as though they were part of the desktop computer?

If I split the 2TB into 4 partitions named Music 1 to 4 would it treat these the same as Video and Pictures?