Backup does not stop and acts erratically

Right now my backup says 56.94 of 60.37 GB copied (and has said this for at least the last 30 minutes).  This morning it said considerably less and it has been churning for hours without stop.   My concern is that I have not added more than a GB of info since the last back-up.  The backup has had this kind of erratic behavior for days – and that is after the backup seems to have stopped for a period of time (that a reboot seemed to have fixed).   Does anyone know what is going on and what solutions I might pursue?

I really would appreciate community and WD support? 

Inn addition to my observations below, now its changed to 59.23 gb of 62.66 copied despite the fact that I have not added anythinng.  It has followed this trend all morning and I have seen it do similarly at other times.  Does

In addition to the above,now it says 62.66 GB of 64.47 GP copied.    Does this ever stop?  Is this the way it is supposed to work?

where you able to get this resolved?

sounds a bit crazy… :confounded: