Backup copy to attached USB SSD stopped working after update

As the title says my WD My Cloud device won’t work anymore when I tell it to run one of my created backup works so it updates the backup on an external SSD attached to the device via USB.

All it says is that there was an error when trying to run it but it doesn’t say why or what is causing that error. Anyone having these too? Any known solutions?

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Have you backed up to this drive before? Have you looked in the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud? See Chapter 12.

yeah, it worked fine for years until now


but it seems like it was an error with the USB SSD itself, I’ve run it on my windows pc and after it repaired it is working again, thanks for the help and the link

Well, it seems like I was too optimistic. The SSD works on my pc but still won’t work with the WD device, seems like it stopped wanting to sync and backup works won’t work and just show the “there was an error” message…

did something changed after the last update? Maybe is NTFS no more supported?

Is no one else having this problem?

A bit late to the party, just to let you know that i am having this problem too. After updatinng (sometime in early june). Backup form Mycloud Ex2 (2*4TB WD red) stopped working and now the backup drive is no longer visible. Same problem happened with a 6 TB hard drive on another Mycloud (2TB). No one else is picking up on this ? I might loose over 6 TB worth of data now as both the NAS and the backup drive stopped showing up.