Backup and Restore from raid 1 configuration of My Cloud EX 2 Ultra


I just installed my My Cloud EX 2 Ultra yesterday, and have put some test files on the primary disk. I am running OS 5 with windows 10.

Based on my understanding of raid 1, any files written to the primary are also written to the mirror disk

I would like to see the mirror disk contents on my raid 1 configuration, both to verify the raid behavior and to enable me to test restore any items that I need.

I have not seen anything in the documentation or the WD discussions to help me understand how to do this.

Would appreciate any suggestions.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

A single NAS box cannot be the only means of backup, since there are common modes of failure relating to the enclosure itself.

However, I do believe that a Raid1 is a nice part of a consumer level backup strategy.
I primarily use “drag and drop” along with a folder synchronization tool as my backup method. I routinely use the files on the NAS for reference on other computers. . . . so that gives me some confidence that files will be there when I need it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

There is a sub-forum for your device.

Thanks for the lead

The purpose of a RAID 1 is to abstract from you the complications of the mirroring process. You write to the volume and the drive “takes care” of mirroring the content you just written. You will only be notified in case of a failure of one of the disks. Log as admin to your device’s web interface, go to Storage and then Disk Status. If both sides of the mirror :wink: are Good, you have nothing to worry about.


  1. virus will hit both drives at once.

  2. power surge (lightning) will fry both drives at once

  3. rouge firmware (os/5) update can brick the entire unit

Raid one primary addresses physical drive failure only (a high probability event; but not the only risk you have)