Backup Accomplished?

Long story short. I noticed I lost my WD Smartware Icon in my taskbar. The only remedy I’m aware of is reinstall. Went to WD and downloaded and ran WDSmartWare_Windows_Disk_Image_PP4R2_1_4_1_2

OK, got the icon back, went through the setup, waited until it backed up and gave a message “partial backup completed”.

Now that says backup completed. NOT. I checked the folder Docuents and the properties of that folder on the C Drive say it’s 19.6 GB   Now when I check the same folder in my My Book it says the folder size is 16.2GB

How can this be? I opened a file in the documents folder in C Drive changed and saved it, went to MyBook and the document is not there.

Can anybody tell me what’s going on with this drive?




Keep in mind that WD Smartware does not support all type of files, you will need to retrieve the backup to a specific folder and then compare the files.

I’m talking about .doc and .xls files and standard documents.

I submitted a question to support and they gave me an answer I consider to be a workaround.

It is to change to file backup rather than category backup. There’s still no reason it should not have found all of my docs in my documents but rather than go back and forth or argue with support I just did the workaround.


did you delete the old backup folder, or did you try to backup to the original?  because I think that once you uninstall and reinstall, it might have problems if it’s trying to reconnect with the original backup folder.