Backup 2 computers with the same PC name and same drive letters

Windows 7 64 bit. Latest free SmartWare version. Hello, I have 2 computers.Both of them are named Mike-PC (right click on My Computer, under Computer name says Mike-PC).I also have a 2TB My Passport with latest SmarWare on both PCs.Will SmarWare distinguish the difference between two computers and create separate backups for each one or will it backup one computer’s “C” drive into the other one’s already existing “C” drive backup folder ? I assume SmarWare only looks up the computer name and drive letter for backup, correct? If this is the case, is there any way to change this default settings to make separate backups for each computer so later I can recover ComputerA’s files into the ComputerA without transferring any files that belonged to ComputerB ? Unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t allow changing PC names. Thanks.

Create a different share for each computer. You will have to remember which computer goes to which share. If each is a different brand then you may want to name them that way or if you have a desktop and a laptop you could name the shares that way. See image below, disregard comment about a second image. You can choose which share to back up to by using the drop down menu.

Hope this will work on a My Passport.