Backing Up WD Live to external hard drive?

Hi guys!

new Wd live 2tb owner here!

so far, have been very impressed with the nas capabilities.  everything seems to be streaming fine to my ps3, and wd 2go app works perfectly!  =)

whilst transferring my music and videos to it, i suddenly realised i didnt know how to back it up!  after searching on the forum, i cant seem to find an answer!

so the question is, how do i backup my wd live drive?  i know it states backing up to another network storage, but i dont have one and not looking to buy another. i have 2 external 2tb drives so was hoping to use one of them!

in the mean time, i’ve held off transferring files so a quick answer would be AWESOME!!!

thanks guys!

well, the drive has two dfferent purposes.  One is as a stream provider, which you are doing.   but using the included smartware it’s also a backup destination, meaning the WD is the backup of the PC.  If you are wholesale transferring files off of your PC and onto the MBL, via cut and paste to a shared folder, or some other file backup utility, then you will have to either also manually copy files to an external device, or configure that other backup utility to back up to a second location.

I plug in my Seagate 1TB usb drive every few months and have it copy new stuff from the PC.  So I’ve got it three places (PC, instant backup to MBL, and occasional backup to USB).  Once the PC is full I’m not sure what I’ll do. 

But, if you are dragging files to the drive, you can also copy-drag them off the drive to another location like a USB attached to your computer.  IME though, using your PC as a staging area between two other drives really slows down the transfer.

thanks for your reply cman548!

yea, i feel this could be a long tedious task! haha!

i have managed to find a couple of threads regarding this and was wondering if anyone can confirm/deny this process:

Have my external drive plugged in and get Mac os to “share” the drive

then using the inbuilt mbl dashboard, create a safepoint, which would then hopefully look for the shared external drive?

would this be a real backup i.e. time-machine like, or just a snapshot of where the drive is etc?


share point only copies from one MBL to the another MBL. 

If you want two copies on different drives, then you’re not going to be using any WD software (smartware, safepoint, etc) youd’ be using some third party backup software.  You can either copy your PC files to each drive, or copy from PC to an MBL share, and then from that share over to an external drive.