Backing Up Shared folders to USB

Is there a way within the dashboard to backup folders on the sentinal to USB or network?

I’ve tried to create a scheduled backup job though remote desktop but it keeps failing.

I really need an easy, yet reliable way to back up the data that is on the NAS without spending a bunch of money.

The unit has been working fine. doing its job of backing up mulitple PC’s and running as our file server.

I know nothing of scripting, can someone recommend a software that will do this?

What size box do you have?

It’s configured as a 6tb Raid 5

1.45tb Used

3.94tb Free

Then you canot use the native windows server backup as it balks if the drive is over 2tb

The only thing you can do is copy the shares “somewhere”

I would look at  they have a 15 day demo.  I don’t think it will copy to the usb drive on the server but it may.  You could attach the usb drive to a desktop/share it and then cloudberry could copy to it

This will only get the shares, not the OS.  SO if yhe box dies, you have to recover it, redo all the patches and setup users and computers again.

StorageCraft Shadow Protect will do a full (nice) backup to the usb drive, but it costs a bunch

Would using windows backup from one of the client PC’s work as well?

Pulling from the server and copying it rather than having the server push the backup out?

To be honest I don’t care about the server OS or the client backups as much as the our math data itself. We do alot of engineering and design work. The owner is not very forward thinking when it comes to this sort of thing and I want to at least be able to recover my design work if SHTF as it were.

good idea but i dont think it will work.  I think windows only backs up local drives.  If you can’t do a roboy copy script and schedule it, I would look at cloudberry  Like 35 bucks I think.  I am pretty sure the home server version works

I went to my FlexLM license/Quickbooks DBhost server, a WinXP pro box and mapped the folders as seperate drives and scheduled a backup. I guess I’ll see if it goes.

do you have a link to a guide on howto make Robocopy script just in case?