Backing up selected files and folders

I’m trying to backup selected folders. I tried the following:

  • I specified the backup target device, then
  • I clicked Edit Files to display the Select Files to Back Up screen, then
  • I selected “My Computer” which provides selectors for listing:

(1) Libraries —With check boxes for the four default Windows libraries and any new libraries you have created
(2) My Computer—which DOES NOT have any sub-selectors that I can check boxes from

What should I do?

What My Cloud do you have, what firmware version is on it 2.x or 4.x and what are you using to do your backups? Is it SmartWare?

I don’t use any cloud service
I use WD SmartWare version 2.4.10.
to Backup, I use the WD Backup (fully updated) the version 1.5.5953

In the image attached, you can see that there are no sub-selectors that I can check under “MY Computer”

If you do not have a WD My Cloud then what device do you have?

Are you trying to do this from SmartWare or the Dashboard?

You need to update your SmartWare to 2.4.16 . See image below taken from my computer.
Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

On my generation of My Cloud instead of Backup this would be a SafePoint. See this User Manual, Chapter 10, P.71 and see if it helps.