Backing Up Photos from Iphone to MyCloud

I have downloaded and install the latest version of MyCLoud Firmware 04.04.01-112 and I thought that you could backup your photos automatically taken on my IPhone which is on the same network as MyCLoud. I can access the photos that I have manually installed on to the MyCLoud storage through my IPhone but I thought that the latest update would do it automatically.

Any help would be appreciated

Did you update the app on your phone as well?

Yes I updated the update on my iPhone. I’m really not sure where the photos would show up in MyCloud. I can add photos manually but I thought the new update did it automatically.

Within the iPhone App: go to settings, enable automatic backup of photos and videos, then choose storage location on your MyCloud. I would have offered screenshots, but I only have german language. :slight_smile:

Ai have the settings in the iPhone app set up to auto backup in the settings and have specified a location location in MyCloud set up?

You’re right, thanks, I’ve done it with your tips!