Backing Up New iTunes Purchases

I have only owned my WD My Cloud for a day so please forgive me if this has been answered before.

Is there a way of making new purchases from iTunes store to automatically backup to my public videos / music location on my cloud?

Same question for pictures taken on my iphone, can I set it to automatically go to My Cloud?

My aim is to have all media files backed up and available at any time but don’t want to have to keep manually moving new files.

Many Thanks

Only way I can think of is to set the your library to the WD My Cloud share or have a program do the backup for you.  For iPhone, there is a WD Photo app.  I havent used it yet, but there might be a setting to send photos to your My Cloud

1 - Enable ftp server on MyCloud.

2 - Install an app on your Iphone who sync files via FTP (Manual , automatic or both).

3 - Done.