Backing up multiple drives

I’m running an Essential SE on a Windows 7 machine, running Smartware 2.1.0.

I have two partitions on the machine’s disk, one for the OS and applications and one for data.  But it seems that Smartware will only backup from the OS disk.  I can see both drives on the Home tag, but only the OS drive appears in back-up volumes.

So how do I add additional drives, on the same or secondary disks, to the backup?

By default Smartware will try to backup the files from the OS drive, if you want to select another one, you can do it from the Home tab and then click on start backup from the backup tab. If you would like to continuously do a backup of the Main and secondary drive, you can select the option to do a file backup. Click on the following link for more information, page 13 of the manual.