Backing up files or just transferring them to external hard drive

I bought my WD My Book 2 TB external hard drive yesterday because I have 800 GB of movies on my 1 TB desktop.  These are movies I have transferred to DVD’s from my video cameras and also VHS tapes of my grandchildren and family for about 20 years.  They are precious to me.  I am aware that DVD’s can stop working and get broken, etc.  I want to keep these files.  I need to get them off my computer though.  What is the best route for me to take, just transferring them to the external hard drive so I can acess them easily or back them up?  If I back them up can I access them easily or have to search for the files?  Thanks for any help you can give me!!!

First you need the data saved in at least 2 places. The best thing would be to use 2 external drives. If you simply move data from PC to external and have a problem you can loose your data if it’s just on one drive.


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Thanks I really appreciate your help!!!