Backing up EX2

I am a NON Technical person.

  1. I have a need for a simple back-up (3TB or more) (for music files) for the EX2 currently in my wifi system. What is the best and/or most economical WD device to add on to my system? I suppose I could connect it EITHER to my EX2 or directly to my Windows PC (via USB???). Is there a software feature that will require this device to “check” the main Ex2 periodically and add/update any new files?

  2. I have an upcoming ADDITONAL need (in addition to storing my music files) – to store large file photographs. If I set up the new device connected to the EX2, can I still store photographs on ONLY the new WD device? Best way to do that? Is that what the separate “Shares” are for?



The EX2 has an option that is called USB backups that you can you use to backup your data.

You can use a USB drive attached to the back of the EX2 and create the backups to that drive.

See if the following link helps. See page 66 of the user manual.

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The EX2 got the same Problem like the other had (all except EX2 got an update on 29/3/16 for this USB fail)… If there is a large number of files the Backup doesn’t finish, it stops and the USB Harddisk will go into power save mode after. The OS says its still working and stays at the % till you end it.

I don’t know why the EX2 is the only device which didn’t get updated. There is all over near the same OS on it… a feature more or less.

There is a thread about this…

so please update the EX2 too.

we just had 2 updates in a week and one item fixed was
Resolved issue of device to USB backup failure.