Backing up a My Book World Edition I

HI all,

Simple question; can I back up the contents of the internal drive to an external USB hard drive plugged into the USB port on the back of a My Book World Edition?

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Yes you can, If you want to know how, kindly get back.


You Can Back up the data to the USB drive Plugged in to the My book world

All that you have to do is Just plug in the drive

Go the web Interface Check weather the drive is recognzied

and MAP the USB drive under My computer Option Thats All. :wink:


Hi there,

That’s great news. Is it as simple as Kryptonhite suggests, or would I need to set up rsync or similar? If you can point me at a howto that’d be awesome!


Or, better still, you can use the “Copy Manager” utility to copy files directly from the NAS to the USB.  On the upside, this means you don’t need to have your pc running after starting the copy.  The limitation, though, is that you can only copy a share at a time.  That is, if you’ve created any shares in addition to “Public” or “Download” you’ll need to copy those one after another.

To get to Copy Manager, do the following:

  1. browse to the login page for the web UI

  2. choose “Copy Manager” instead of  “Network Storage Manager” from the tool drop-down box

  3. use your admin login (default admin/admin)

  4. choose the share you want to back up to USB

  5. click next and follow the prompts

Last, remember that if you’ve got lots of data it could take quite a while to finish.


Yes, Yep, and fo sure

It should be as simple as plugging in the the usb behind the  my book word storage device.

So long as you use your admin account, you should be good to do it from your computer or mac.

Once, it’s plugged in you should be able to browse to it through the your network connection you already set up. Then just do the regular old copy and past from internal storage to the usb storage.

If you have any issued, be sure to log in and check your shared folders or usb be connection configurations. Remember, somewhere in the GUI login settings there is a place that says how you want to handle usb connections, which is where you can say it doesn’t matter who has access to the usb or you could have said only certain peeps have access to it for whatever the reason.

good luck!

Just connect the device

Then on your pc or mac connect to your network storage and you should see something new like