Backing up 2 separate laptops onto 1 My Book Elite?

I’m a bit new to these WD external drives. Please help.

I bought a 1TB My Book Elite and backed up my laptop. Pleased with how easy is was.

Then I bought a new laptop and connected it and backed it up also.

I had hoped the WD would recognise it was a different computer and prompt me to partition the drive or something similar.

I think maybe it has just overwritten the old backup?

My old laptop still works and I still want to continue to backup both of them.

Is this possible?  May seem a dumb question to you experienced users but would appreciate your help.

Thanks  Pete

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I uninstalled the Smartware after first backup so I don’t know much about it. Backup needs can be simple or complicated.  Are you just saving data or do you want a system image of each system in case of problems or both? If the latter try  I use the Acronis TI 2010.  Remember never trust your data to just one physical drive.

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