Backdrop, Backdrop, Backdrop - you're killling me

Hi Guys, can anyone tell me how to remove the backdrop on the gallery movie view, without having to remove the tags from your Thumbgen or Hub generated movie.xml?
Removing the following DOES NOT WORK:
<image image="@@preview_rect_image" default_image="@@default_preview_rect_image" x=“0” y=“0” w=“1280” h=“720” textcolor="@@preview_rect_color" keycolor=“1” ignore_keycolor=“1” bg=“1”/>

It just changes the “z-index”.  For example on say for instance JoeySmyth Dark, Color or Grain theme the above line is removed, but all it really does is hide the behind his background.jpg.  If you remove his background.jpg you’ll see that the backdrop still loads.

Therefore, if you have a properly formed movie.xml - is it possible to remove the backdrop that download from the internet, without having to edit your movie.xml and removed  tags.

The short answer is no, there’s really no way to “Turn Off” the backdrops.  They, like the video in the Preview view, are inherent to the firmware.

The “@@preview_rect_image” only really controls the portion of the image that is shown, not the image itself.  And as I said it acts exactly like the same variable in the Preview xml.  Even if you make it so that you don’t see the backdrops, they are still generated if they are in the movie xml.

Also, I believe that the new TG will now generate the xmls without the backdrop lines.

Thanks and **bleep**.  I hoped there was a shortcut - this means I will have to go and edit approx 800 movie.xml’s to comment out the .  Oh well :smiley:

I have requested TG to make that an option to ommit backdrops when generating the xml. So hopefully in the future