Backblaze B2 Sync DL4100

We really need WD to step up and create a Backblaze B2 Sync client. We need more apps and integration to services for these NAS devices.

Duplicati can sync to backblaze

If you know your way around with SSH and the command line, I recommend rclone.
Here’s how to install it.

cd /shares/Volume_1/ && mkdir rclone && cd rclone

Download the package. Note: for EX2(Ultra), change amd64 to arm below

curl -O ${download_link}    

Unzip and install

/usr/bin/unzip ${rclone_zip} -a
chmod +x $r
ln -sf $r /usr/bin/rclone

Now you can get started with rclone

rclone -h

However note that on a reboot, your /home directory (with your rclone settings) and /usr/bin/rclone symlink is gone… There’s ways to persist them, e.g. by installing my Entware package.
When you do, create a symlink like this

ln -sf $r /opt/bin/rclone