Back up on wireless passport via wd smartware

As stated, downloaded wd smartware for making back ups.
In the end, all smartware sees is a dropbox account where i need to get an paid license ( when i already bought the wd hdd but okay).
My hdd is connected, even when i seleted the disk itself( under the computer source next to the dropbox logo) it only want dropbox.

How to solve?

As specified on page 33 of the WD Passport Wireless’s User Manual, WD SmartWare will only support the unit on USB mode.


As I Said when naming stated, I was pointing at this manual.
Unfortunarely, the manually is already wrong with the steps provided, Since when going to the link they provide, the Downloads Links is empty.
I eventualy downloaded the software through the normale support site and yes I know it is only wormen when connected with usb( Since I already followed the manual) but that ( Looking at my question) isnt working Since I only see Dropbox.