Back up MBWE to Local Drive?

Anyone know if there is a way to create a back up of the My Book World Edition II to a local hard drive?  The WD Anywhere Backup software seems to be able to back up only TO the MBWE, not from it.  I have my iTunes folder on the MBWE so that it is accessible throughout my house and I want to have a backup on my desktop PC.  Thanks so much!


Must of the backup software I’ve seen are designed to backup to an external or NAS drive in the event the computer crash, this will be the same for WDAB. If you want to backup from the drive to your computer you can easily do that by dragging the files over from one to the other. If you want and application that can handle the job, you can search online to see if something like that appears.

I’ve been digging my self and did not find software like that, I might have not dig as deep as you would.

Another option will be to backup the MBW to and ext USB drive connected to the USB port on MBW.

And how do you schedule a backup to the external USB drive?

You can’t schedule a backup, but you can perform one. Just access the network interface and go to usb shares, in there you’ll see an option to backup from MBW to USB attached storage.


For info, you might want to google SyncToy. I use this to backup my files both ways and you can schedule it using windows scheduler.