Back up issues after updating wd smartware

I have a my book 500 external for my desktop. I saw that an update was available so I updated to the

now I am getting partial back up accomplished. When I reboot I am getting the option to update to the when it is already updated.

My concern is , I am not sure if it is backing up my files , when I go to the back up tab

it just says partial back up accomplished. And I have under my "C"drive picture some yellow bars.

And the update available pops up.

Data for back up = files 15,436 size 77.66GB

data backed up = files 13,498 size 63.58

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… Please I am not a techy person so forgive my   descriptions

I am using windows XP


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Hi there, if I were you I’d erase the drive, uninstall Smartware and reinstall 1.4.5 directly from WD’s site and see if it helps!