Back up completed but now bars won't stop moving

After doing a successful category backup from my PC to my Passport Ultra, I did a few tests to check on back up. I know how to go into WD and locate folders to view for this.

After two successful small tests, Passport Ultra is now stuck in a non-stop state of backup and won’t show that anything is backing up. The gray and blue bars at the top say: 169.83 GB of 169.84 GB copied – and the bars just keep moving. Tier 2 support is available on Monday, but…any ideas? Thanks.


Are you able to access the drive without any issues through your Windows explorer? If yes, try resetting your computer and make sure that you don’t have any files open that might be stopping the software to finish the backup.

No, I use Explorer and still have that issue of constant indexing for 48
hours. Thank you kindly.