BABF vs BAAN (Live)?

Hi All

I’ve been searching everywhere and I was just wondering if the features between the WD HD TV and WD HD TV live video and audio features are the same? Aside from the live functions, do they have any differences? I’ve read  the WD HD Tv talk about 720 limits and no AVCHD features, but I don’t know if it’s true.  I bought both and I need to return one, I just don’t know which to return, any help would be appreciated.

I bought WD TV HD from Best Buy first. Then I read someplace that the interface is much faster with WD HD Live. Indeed I found that to be the case…much faster. Also, the Live has option for 12 bit (could be a firmware update issue…never did so without the Live…perhaps even a firmware upgrade would increase the speed of the nonLive one…I didn’t try)

For the speed alone, I exchanged the WD TV HD for the Live one… Now I’m all interested in those incredible Live features too :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply,…The only  reason i purchased the WD HD TV  (BABF) was because it was released a month later on Amazon as opposed to the WD LIVE…After purchase i realized all the 720p limits on the WDHDTV that the Live doesn’t have.  I can’t understand why Amazon dropped thier prices on the LIVE version so much while the non live version remained the same?

I talked to a Computer Canada sales person today and he said they’re both exactly the same aside from the live feauture …speed does matter so i will return the BABF model, I just can’t figure out why the BABF model  was release a month later