AWS S3 Regions - London not included

I am trying to set up Cloud Backups to an Amazon S3 service. However, I am using the London Region and the EX4 only mentions eight - and London isn’t one of them. Do I need to to register in Ireland - which seems to be the only one withing a few thousand miles?


You can try different regions and yes Ireland is the closest one.

Try a different region when troubleshooting S3 backup failures, have a look at this KBA:

Hi – thanks for that. It looks like I will have to sign up for a second AWS account to gain access to the Ireland Region. What a pain. I have most of my AWS services in London and crossing regions may cost me more. What a shame – I would have thought WD wold have updated to cover all the regions. Chris

All resolved. Amazon said that it doesn’t matter where my S3 drives are as long as I don’t have them integrated into a system in another region and need very high speed interconnect. As they are currently only for backing up my EX4100 - I am fine.
I have successfully connected and set up the first backup job - 2TB of important “stuff”. Subsequent backups will run weekly as incremental. This first backup has taken over a week so far - but I will be very relieved when it is finished.
I have Acronis backing up my PC onto the WX4100 as well (the above are copies of the important directories) and will start backing up those files to Amazon. I am using these “belt and braces” for speed of restore as I will a able to access the “important stuff” on a file by file basis until able to download the full Acronis backup and associated incrementatls - something I expect to take many days / weeks.