AVI with AC3 sound

I’m planning to buy the WD TV Live Hub for my grandparents so they can have in one place all their favorite movies and shows.The thing is i don’t know if it could play a file with audio in AC3 format, the TV Live Hub is going to be connected to a old tv set, no surround or nothing like that needed, just plain 2.0 sound.

Is it possible to play an AVI file with AC3 (for example: 8000Hz  384 kb/s tot , 6 chnls (3/2 .1) sound in 2.0?


works for me.  You can downmix in the settings, or like me, have it hooked up via composite cables to my ancient TV and use the optical cable to my receiver for 5.1 surround.  When the kids watch their shows, the TV is on, not the receiver and it works fine.


Yea it will work.