.avi files corrupt

Hi,  I recently purchased a WD My Passport Essential SE  - 1TB, and all the .avi video files will not play when I attach it      to another computer. every other video file type play correctly. any ideas?

Is that computer loaded with codecs for the file? AVI is just a container file and can have different codecs like Xvid, AVC, WM9, VC-1 or MPEG.

yes. I am strictly using the passport for transporting the avi files so I can work on it elsewhere. I even winrar (zipped) it , thinking it would keep it intact. still was not able to read it, i find this strange.

No no no no no no no, that’s not what I mean. The AVI file on the Passport will remain the same, now, when you connect the passport and try to open that file, if that computer has not been previously loaded with codecs to support the external (AVI) and internal (Xvid, MPEG, etc.) configuration of that file then it won’t play.

If you play one file from the passport on your original computer and it plays fine, then you connect it to another computer and it doesn’t play, then you connect it again to the first computer and it still plays fine then the second computer is missing compatible codecs.

For example, when I make a fresh install of Windows, I am unable to play AVI files with the Xvid codec until I install the K-Lite Codec Pack. AVI is just a container and does not tell us much, what is the internal codec of the AVI file you try to play? You can use MediaInfo to get the codec info on that file.