Avast Antivirus

Hi I am just here to say that the new Avast Antivirus program free or paid for requires you to agree to allow them to collect data from your pc. Of course they say they wont use the data so why do they want access to it. We have all heard this before and your data gets sent to whoever they want.

Do they even say what kind of data they’re collecting? 

The does seem to be some uneasiness regarding the Avast! ELUA since version 8. As much as I don’t agree with it, corporation are utiliizing our data in ways that most people couldn’t even begin to imagine. Your personal information is being shared from so many sources (and in so many ways) that one could argue that; “what does one more matter”?

I have always been an Avast user and supporter,  personally and professionally, yet over the last few years I have come to a point where I have realized this; Privacy and PI Security will never be achieved while the public use Windows based operating systems. Never.

While a software company might have a strict (no share/sell/distribute) policy on personal inoformation collection, Windows (which is what the software runs on top of), will continue to collect information and use it in whichever way they desire.

The only chance at any level of -privacy and secure PI, is to run Linux (for now).


Hi yes the uploading of data is one thing, but for the first time last night I got a popup from Avast wanting to know if I wanted to see my virus rating on the last 1200 sites I have visited. To me this means they are tracking every web site I visit not nice. And yes I also have used Avast for many years it was a light weight solution when so many others where going for the Antivirus program that wants to do everything but it seems now Avast is going to try this also. The say they are uploading your virus information so they can catch a virus better at least that is what there support tells me. I am now just waiting for a response on the web site tracking. To me I think it is funny when they are tracking you and then tell you in the form of a popup wanting to show you the virus from different sites.