Autonomous rsync backup between 2 WD "My book live" over the internet


I’m new to this community but have read some post about My Book Live. My current understanding is that the drive network capabilities are made possible by some version of linux (with some SSH hidden page, etc.)

In my ideal scenario I would have 2 3TB drive in different locations (A & B), where I would have a backup of A using RSYNC over SSH to B.

So my questions are:

1-Is this possible, even if not officialy supported by WD? (which in a way I think D should because I hear a lot of people who would want to have this kind of capabability made available to them)

2-If so, how would it be done (maybe someone as some notes about they did it.

Any help will be appreciated


Hello !

This is perfectly doable.

You’ll have to understand how the console work though. You can activate ssh access trough this page:


Log on your device and then set up rsync daemon. The man page or documentation should be available on the net for rsync.

Be careful, if you allow compression for rsync transfer, the processor will have much work at hand, didn’t benchmark the speed thought.

Be careful about ssh access, you’ll most likely void your warranty and risk bricking your device !

Happy administration !