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Hi, i have one Mac mini and one My Cloud, i want to ask if is it possible to make one file in the Mac and when i put something inside this file automatically to go also in My Cloud in the same file. Thank you in advance!!!

If you haven’t read the My Cloud User Manual ( yet, you should. It explains the various features of the My Cloud, including using WD Sync to sync files between a computer and the My Cloud. Or see the following WD Learning links: and

How To Setup & Use WD Sync

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You want a ‘sync’ function, either scheduled, or automatic.

WD offer their WD Sync app, or others use FreeFileSync (be careful when installing to ensure you only accept programs you want).

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Thank you for your answer!!! I fix it with the WD Sync, but the only think is that the new folders that are automatic sync are in the Public folder in My Cloud. If i will move this folders to other folder will be ok?? Thank you for your time!!!

Read the WD Sync help file which explains how to use the WD Sync program.

I don’t normally use WD Sync but from what I remember (and I could be wrong), when installed and configured it will create a sync folder in the User’s Share on the My Cloud if one uses their User Name/password when installing and configuring WD Sync. If you didn’t use the User name (created through the My Cloud Dashboard) then the WD Sync program may default to using the Public Share on the My Cloud. If this is the case you might be able to change the location the WD Sync program is using on the My Cloud through the WD Sync program itself. Again, see the WD Sync help file which may have information on how to change or move the WD My Cloud Sync folder location.

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