Automatic Backup removes GPS info from JPEG EXIF

After upgrade to OS 5 automatic backup from Android removes GPS info from JPEGs. Stil not fixed in 5.17.107.

I don’t understund why backup process modifies files/photos. I cannot use the device for photo backup from my phone and the device is useless for me from upgrade to the new OS 5.

If you need some logs or other help, I can do it.

@Termiter Thanks for reporting the issue, Have you opened a Support Case? If not please click here and open a new support case and share the number with me.

Also, please generate a My Cloud Logs, Mobile App logs and If you can share a sample of the image that Auto Backup removes the GPS info.

Thans for the replay. I opened TT with ID #210915-002605. I cannot add required logs and files, so you can see it on WD - Google Drive

Picture without GPS information was taken from the Disk via Windows sharing by a Windows File Explorer.

I cannot take logs from the Disk, if I try it, it stucks. See attached screen please.

I am not alone with the issue, I see others complains on internet for it.

If you need any actions from my side, just send me instructions.

I still have the same problems with Samsung s21 and MyCloud mobile app.