Autodiscovery protocols not working over wifi

Downstairs I have my WD Live Hub plugged into the RJ45 network jack on the back of a Cisco CIS430 PVR (iptv). The PVR is connected to the Internet via coax.

Upstairs I have my WD Live Plus plugged into the RJ45 network jack on the back of a Cisco CIS330 iptv digital tuner. The digital tuner is also connected via coax.

This setup is working fine 95% of the time. My laptop can see the Live Hub and copy files onto it. I can connect to the Twonky server on the live hub from the wifi network manually, but it’s not discoverable. And the two devices on the coax network can discover and talk to each other.

The problem seems to be with uPnP. The devices on the wifi network can’t discover the devices on the coax network. Also, the itunes server on the WD Live Hub doesn’t appear in itunes on my laptop. Everything is on the same subnet, there is no windows firewall, but it seems like the uPnP traffic and iTunes library sharing are being blocked?

SSDP and iTunes sharing both use UDP. I think UDP traffic is probably being blocked between the two network segments.

I found a solution.  But unfortunately it involves attaching a second wireless router.

I’m going to see if Telus will swap my DLink router for an ActionTec.  That should fix it too.