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AUTO START WHEN CONNECTED: What does this  actually mean, in BACKUP of Dashboard?

Will it auto sync every time a change takes place on the NAS?  

Or must the USB be removed and reinserted into the USB port on the MCM?

No, the clue’s in the name :slight_smile: It’s a one-off single process, just triggered by the drive connection rather than by manual starting via the dashboard.

When you connect the drive, it will trigger the backup, which will then proceed to the end and stop just as if you had manually started the backup. But at the end, if you want to backup again, you have to either manually restart it or disconnect and reconnect the drive.

As it stands today, there is no “auto sync” option within the dashboard between the built-in drives and USB connected ones. It can be set up using SSH and a cron job, but that will be messing aroud with the NAS at the base command line level and will probably invalidate your warranty if things go wrong.

Have a look through the suggestions thread as this kind of question (sync’ing in general, not specifically NAS<>USB) comes up quite regularly and has probably been made there, where you can support it and comment yourself.

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Thank you for your very clear response.  Finally I understand!

Support is terrible! I called to ask and they stated: “It auto sync every time a change takes place on the NAS”

If they don’t know the answer they make one up to get you off the phone. Plus they don’t listen to a single word you say. The support person I spoke with was typing away… Probably chatting on FB.

I can’t stand WD!!!