Auto Restart after power failure

Is there any way for us to enable the G-RAID with thunderbolt drives to auto-start after power outage?

We are using a G-RAID as a mail storage drive for our email server and need it to come back immediately after power failure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The button does require a press in order for it to turn on, it has no switch to remain on.

Is there any third party application or device that we can purchase to allow for reboot after a power outage?

Is there anyone out there that uses G-RAIDs for critical storage that needs to auto-start after a power outage?

Beginning to regret my decision to use these drives for storage, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have the same problem – using it as a backup storage on a headless server.
Got tempted with this drive as it perfectly fits my server case…

I am working on a DIY solution involving a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu Core, some kind of robotic arm (or rather a robotic finger – just in order to avoid tinkering with the power switch directly) and a bit of code…

Will post if come up with something productive.

Same problem here!
I have quite a few Raspberry Pis, so if there would be a solution using a Pi, that would be great! Maybe a little reed relais to short circuit the button on the G-RAID enclosure?

I’m currently checking the possibility of using this: – ‘make your dumb devices smart’ :slight_smile:
will post here if I come-up with a working solution.

yeah, was thinking of that too, as I have one Raspi sitting next to the server, but would like to avoid tinkering with electronics…

Did either of you guys get the Microbot Push thing to work for this? I know it’s been a couple years. We are having the same problem, but we are remote from where the G-RAID is at. Not sure if I will be able to put together a Pi set up, but I did want to see if you guys were able to get something working. The Microbot does have some IFTTT/Webhooks integration that I thought I could use instead.

We use a switchbot: SwitchBot Bot - The Iconic Button Presser – SwitchBot Global on our G-RAID enclosure. The iMac it is connected to is in a remote location. We run Xtension home automation software on that system to do everything we need it to do and the fine people that write Xtension wrote an interface to the switchbot for us (which is now publicly available). We are able to remotely control the switchbot with simple Applescripts via XTension.

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