Auto play video

Good morning,

i have the WD TV LIVE Hub with firmware 3 . 12. 13 , i have the following problem: going to the set up, operation, auto play, the first option is OFF auto play, without having the authority to activate it. I choose the folder with the videos i want to put on auto play, but unfortunately the videos can’t be played. With an older firmware, choosing a folder with auto play of the videos was done. Is there someone who can help me with this problem?

From the User Manual …

Select the type of media (music or video) that plays automatically when a USB device is connected to USB port 1 on the front of the media center. The media files must be located in the USB device’s root directory for Auto Play to function

Now, if that doesn’t work on Firmware 3.12.13 and it did work for you on older firmware … then your only option is to Rollback the Firmware to an Older Version to get it to work … Because WD aren’t releasing any more Firmware Updates for a discontinued product. (haven’t done since 2013)

Thank you Joey!!