Auto play content from a USB stick

Hi all,

I need some help… I saw a similar message posted on another board and am having similar problems.

I use WD TV Live boxes to display digital signage and am having a problem. I used the auto play feature for videos.

My problem is that WD changed the auto play function between WD TV Live Plus units and WD TV Live units.  Previously, all I had to do was to put a memory stick in the front USB, set the “Video Playback Sequence” to “Repeat all”, set “Auto Play” to “Video Auto Play” and off I went, no problems.  If a video changed all I needed to get customers to do was swap a memory stick and power-cycle the box.  Everything worked.

Now on WD TV Live unit  it seems that you have to select the device (USB) than the partition/folder. This will enable the unit to auto play and it works fine. However if you need to swap out to another USB stick it will no longer work. Is there a way around this so that you can just set the unit to look for either videos/photos and auto play whatever is on the local drive as you could for WD TV Live Plus units.

Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks. 

Try going back to a previous firmware version doing a roll back.

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Which player do you actually use, Live, Live plus or NEW Live Streaming. What firmware are you currently running.

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I am using the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.  Straight out of the box. Firmware: 1.01.43