Auto Metadata disabling

Hello All  new to the forums  so please help me out

I have a WDTV LiveHub    after updating to the lastest Firmware   I have found that the system has overridden and added metadata  to some of my files

for example  in the UI   it will display as;   JJ Cale on tour in Tulsa    yet   the file is still called J&J 1x01.avi       How do I stop the device from doing this.

Basically its renaming my files & folders when looked at via the device,  adding Different Coverart and other annoying things

I have deleted all files  “*.metadata” & *.xml     yet  it keeps coming back

I have gone in to System to where it funds metadata info  and tried to delete the source  yet get a box saying you cant delete default data source    Anyone else having this issue


In SETUP  then SYSTEM is GET CONTENT INFO set to auto. 

If so set it to MANUAL ONLY.


Ayhan’s answer is correct.

But in addition, go “Vote” for this IDEA:

It’s in the Live-SMP section, but since the Hub and SMP both run the same firmware, it still applies.