'Auto login to network share' option not working

Hello all, please forgive me if this has been discussed before.

I have recently bought a WD TV Live and updated the firmware to the latest version (1.04.31_V). I have all my media stored in a NAS (Conceptronic CH3HNAS). When I want to watch a video, I go to VIDEO > NETWORK SHARES > NAS and confirm my account name and password which the WD TV Live memorized. And presto, it shows me all the videos stored in the NAS.

The problem: I wanted to skip the last step (confirming my account name and password) so I went to SETTINGS > NETWORK SETTINGS and turned ON the option ‘Auto login to network share’.

This works fine until I use the remote to power off the unit. When I turn it back on and go to VIDEO > NETWORK SHARES > NAS it will say ‘Connecting…’ for ages and then fail to connect. The interesting thing is, if I turn the unit off not via the remote but by unplugging the power cable, when I turn it on it will have no problem accessing the NAS via VIDEO > NETWORK SHARES > NAS but if I turn it off again using the remote control, it will fail again the next time.

Is this a bug? Has this been discussed before?

FYI the WD TV Live and the NAS are connected to the home network via HomePlugs from Devolo (dLan 200 AVplus). I’m able to stream full HD with no problem.

Any solutions/suggestions? I have already reset the unit to factory defaults after updating the firmware. Didn’t help.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Have you been able to resolve this inconvenient?

Hi Trancer

Unfortunatelly no. :cry:

I assume I have discovered a rare bug? What’s the official way to report it?


This isn’t terribly rare, really.   It happens on my Live+ occasionally, but not certainly every time…  Maybe one in 20 or 30 tries…

I see… Well at least I’m not the only one affect but still it doesn’t work for me at all, never did.

Is there an official way of reporting this to WD’s enginneers? Any feedback/bug reporting page? Or should I DM a particular Moderator/Admin?

Many thanks


I have submited my question. I’ll update this topic as soon as I get a reply. :smiley:

Thank you.

OK so 24h after my first email to WD support, I have received the following reply:

Response Via Email [deleted] 05/05/2011 12:07 PM
Dear Ricardo,

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is [deleted].

We apologize for the difficulties. I recommend you perform the factory reset on your unit by (...)

My email is a copy+paste from the first post on this thread. Notice how I specificaly say that “(…) I have already reset the unit to factory defaults after updating the firmware. Didn’t help. (…)” :dizzy_face:

Not a good start, lets see what happens next. :cry: