Auto detect and match refresh rate to frame rate


I have a 2nd generation WDTV and a KDL32S300 Sony Bravia.
If I play 25fps Videos at a 60Hz refresh rate (720p/60Hz output) there is very noticeable judder and the playback is not smooth.
However at 720p/50Hz output, everything is OK and playback is smooth.
All my recordings are at 25fps, however some downloaded videos are 29.97fps. For optimal playback of those videos I would need to manually switch to 720p/60Hz.
It would be great if the WDTV could do this automatically, otherwise I will need to check each video in MediaInfo and append the frame rate to the file name! :dizzy_face:
I read that this issue was acknowledged and under review for the WDTV Live, is there any progress on this?
And, is there any chance of a solution for the 1st and 2nd Gen WDTV models?

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Your post sounds more like an Idea or a Feature Request. The best place for this is in our Ideas Lab. This way someone from WD will be sure to see it. However, I would search first and make sure that there isn’t another idea similar to yours that you could add your post to and vote on.

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